What is a Life Group?

Simply put, they’re the core of our church family. Life Groups meet throughout our city, but they’re not just once-a-week meetings, Sunday School classes, or Bible studies. A Life Group is a group of people that are committed to experiencing life and walking in biblical community together. They do study the Bible and push each other toward Jesus, but they also eat together, play together, serve together, and become family with one another. These groups are where we live out our vision of being a church that proclaims the excellencies of God to all nations for the salvation of all people through Christ Jesus. We believe Life Groups are the best way to experience the gospel in our church, no matter who you are. So we’d love for you to join one, whether you’re a member of our church or not.

How often do Life Groups meet?

All Life Groups have 2 basic rhythms (regular, repeating events). They attend the Sunday Worship Gathering together and meet once a week for Group Time. But the goal of Life Groups is to do everyday, ordinary life together with gospel intentionality. So groups might develop other rhythms, too.

What is Group Time?

It’s focused time of intentional training to push each other toward Jesus. A typical group time will involve:

  • Talking about Jesus’ work in each other’s lives.
  • Studying scripture and applying it to everyday life.
  • Discussing the group’s rhythms and mission.
  • Confessing sin and praying for one another.

What should you expect from a Life Group?

The target for each Life Group is to be a Jesus-centered Family on Mission with Him. Practically, that means...

  • We want to graciously speak the truth of the gospel to each another.
  • We want to live everyday, ordinary life together through intentional, weekly rhythms.
  • We want to actively pursue the mission of God together to make multiplying disciples of all nations a lifestyle for a lifetime.

Would you like to learn more about Life Groups? Contact our Life Group Coordinator here.