Directions to Redeemer Busan

Please note that Redeemer Busan HAS moved to a new location effective Sunday, September 30, 2018! See below for the new location information. 

We meet in the Vision Hall inside the Nuri International Dormitory II building at Kyeongsong University.

Address in Korean: 부산 남구 대연동 산 114-3 | 수영로 309

Reference: Kyeongsong University Campus Map. We are in building 24 (C) on this map.


Driving & Parking:

The map links above can be used for navigation. There is parking available on the campus.

The entrance for vehicle access is at the Yongso intersection (main entry for the University). Take your third left (at the large rock) and follow the road around to the dormitories. There is a parking lot located right in front of our building. The parking is free if you pick up a card from the connect table and show it on your way out.

Getting to Redeemer using Public Transportation:

There is no bus service through the campus to the building we meet in, so you will need to either walk (483 meters from the subway) or take a taxi. It takes approximately 5-7 minutes to walk from the subway/bus stop.


The closest subway stop is on Metro Line 2 (green line) at Kyeongsong University & Pukyong National University (경성대/부경대역).

  1. Come out exit 6 of the metro and turn right at the first intersection (at Adidas).

  2. Take the left branch of the ‘Y’ in the road, then follow that road all the way to the dormitory (there are stairs which shortcut the final road bit). 

    NOTE: Detailed photo directions are found below for reference.


The Kyeongsong University Bus Stop is serviced by the following buses:

  • Busan City Buses: 10, 22, 24, 27, 40, 41, 42, 51, 83, 83-1 and 108

  • Express Buses: 1001 and 1003

  • Community Buses: 남구1, 남구2 and 남구10


Come out Exit 6 of the metro.


Turn right at the first major intersection (in front of Adidas).


At this ‘Y’ intersection, take the left hand fork (up in to the trees).


Follow the road as it turns to the right.


Keep following this road.


Take these stairs up.


At the top of the stairs, you will be outside the dormitory buildings.


Go in this entrance of Nuri International Dormitory II.


We meet in the Vision Hall on the main floor of the building.